My son just turned 16 a few months ago and is becoming more and more independent, as he should.  But lately the conversations have turned from what mom likes and to what he wants.  He says, He wants to be “normal”.  This is not something new, but it has been an ongoing conversation for a few years.   And could be added to my list of ‘Why I started Farm Fueled Nutrition.’

FFN is taking on this conversation of “What is normal”, when talking about what is available for us as food consumers.  What is ‘the norm’ when you fill up your shopping carts or choose a place to feed your family on a busy night.  Is your norm, fast food chains or real food choices?   Franchise restaurants or dinner at home?  Commercial food or health food?  If you have children, a family, or eat alone, the struggle for the right answer is always there.  

My mother was raised on a farm, had a large garden,and as she got older she turned away from whole food once she realized the convenience of supermarkets and fast food chains.  She got hooked and I couldn't get her away from it.  And I’m afraid it will happen to my son.  I raised them on whole food, real food, no fast food restaurants.  I would go to organic food stores and buy whole food snacks instead of junk food.  And now that he's older, friends make fun of him.  They can't believe he’s never been to most chain restaurants.  Those box restaurants were never on my radar of places to go, let alone eat their food.  My son now tells me, I’m not “normal”.  

So in 2 generations we've gone from real whole food farmers, to a generation of not calling whole food, normal!  Anyone else feel this pull?

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