Meet our Ambassadors

At Farm Fueled Nutrition, we are passionate about inspiring individuals on their journey to support their health and wellbeing. Through our interactions with our ambassadors, we receive valuable feedback and get to share the influential voices of those who have tried our product. Our ambassadors are real people who value our mission and believe in our greens just as much as we do!

A Product Fit for Professionals

Farm Fueled Nutrition is proud to partner with NASCAR Whelen modified tour driver and passionate health enthusiast, Melissa Fifield.


The Perfect Fuel

Melissa is known for her high standards, both in what she drives and what she puts in her body. Farm Fueled’s nutrient dense, responsibly sourced greens serve as the perfect fuel for her busy lifestyle and helps support her in doing what she loves!



“Superfueled greens super-charged my performance and serve for the perfect fuel for my busy lifestyle.”

— Melissa Fifield, Pro Athlete


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